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Our history

You deserve to know everything!

UniversalSpeak.net is a project that was created by four colleagues, who aim to create a common space for all TeamSpeak users, Portuguese and International. Here we offer a space of your own where you can invite whoever you want, whenever you want. What are you waiting for? Come now and create your permanent channel or your temporary room and chat with several people from around the world.

UniversalSpeak is not, doesn't want, doesn't act, doesn't belong neither is part of "TeamSpeak Systems GmbH". UniversalSpeak is a project/organization with the pure ambition of serving gamers all over the world. UniversalSpeak follows the European law about cookies. TeamSpeak belongs to "TeamSpeak Systems GmbH" with all rights reserved. TeamSpeak is a trademark of "TeamSpeak Systems GmbH", in Germany and other countries. All the other trademarks are full property of their respective owners.